Payroll transfer

Incorporating Search Catalyst’s comprehensive Payroll Transfer service into your hiring procedures is the ideal option when it’s inconvenient, impossible, or too costly to add employees to your payroll.

What are the Basics of Payroll Transfer?

This service is designed to accommodate people who have been recruited by you or referred to you. There are no set-up fees, conversion charges, time limits, minimum pay rates, or hidden costs. You are only billed for hours the resources work.

We pay the taxes, file the forms, cut the checks, mail the W-2s, report the earnings, maintain the records, pay workers’ compensation, and carry liability insurance.

As your partner in creative, digital, and marketing placements, we handle it all with efficiency and expertise.

When should I use a Payroll Transfer Service?

You can’t exceed your current headcount, but you need a work-around option to complete a project with a critical deadline. Maybe you want to bring on a former employee without adding to your payroll. Our Payroll Transfer service puts employees on our payroll (with benefits!) while they help you wrap up vital projects.

All employees must be covered by an insurance policy. Those rates are computed from gross payroll figures as reported on your company’s quarterly IRS filing. The more people on payroll, the higher the rate. Every claim adds surcharges and higher multipliers, driving the costs of all employees dramatically higher. Payroll Transfer resources add no exposure, as they are not included on your payroll.